Why do we love Burpees so much?

Oh the infamous Burpee.
Nothing seems to get more grumbling and complaining than putting 10 or 20 Burpees in a workout. Sure I might be a sadomasochist, but why do I keep using these nasty things? If you have not done one, check out this video.
The guy in the video does them the way I like to , which is a bit more dynamic. I do that for a couple reasons. The first and more important reason is that it is easier on my knees. I always try to protect me knees and so I don’t like to bend down into a frog position before kicking my feet out (the knee would be out past your toes if you did it that way). The second reason is because I enjoy the dynamic spawl portion of the Burpee. It forces me to do them rapidly, adding to the difficulty and making the Burpee more effective.
Others do the Burpee similar to the military’s 7 count Burpee. They start out standing and reach down and touch the ground so they are in that frog position (count 1). Then they kick their legs out into a Front Plank position (count 2). Bend the elbows and lower your chest as in a Push-up (count 3) and then return to the Front Plank position (count 4). Pop back up into the frog position (count 5). Then stand up (count 6) and finally, add the jump at the end (count 7).
Personally, I don’t care how somebody does a Burpee, as long as they follow 2 rules:
#1 Your chest has to touch the ground during the Push-up portion
#2 Your feet have to come off the ground with the jump at the end. I don’t even care how high you jump.
For beginners, do the slower military count version without doing the Push-up portion. Simply bend down, kick your feet out behind you, bring them back and stand up. Add the final little jump and that is plenty good enough for starters.
Now for those who are comfortable with Burpees, we have done some research (and used some creativity) to add other Burpees to our tool box. I found Sincere Hogan from New Warrior Training doing a really cool version called the Tuck Burpee, which is more like the 7 count Burpee, but with knee tucks in the middle and a Tuck Jump at the end. I came up with the Core Burpee together.
Now you have all these fun Burpees to play with. What to do…what to do?  If you have some stairs, you can do the workout, “The Burpee Challenge,” which is a perfect way to try out your new Burpees.
If you are not quite ready to do either of those the challenge, then simply enjoy doing the 10 or 25 Burpees that show up in many of the other workouts. I’m sure you will still feel like grumbling 🙂
So let me know what you love – or hate – about Burpees. Or better yet, share your own Burpee version or complete Burpee workout. We would love you hear from you. Just leave a comment on the post.

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  1. Harvey

    I HATE Burpees! The only thing worse than burpees is a workout designed by Pete with heaping helpings of burpees sprinkled throughout. I go through several phases when working out with Pete. First, I look at the plan for the day and I say “I hate Pete”. Next, half-way through the work out when my heart feels as if it may actually explode I say “I hate Pete”. Finally, when I am crumpled on the floor and trying to hold in the vomit I say “I hate Pete”. Why do I like you Pete?

  2. Kemme Fitness

    I think your idea of “I hate Pete” t-shirts is a great idea. My wife might even buy one!

    1. Lawrence

      I miss you guys so much. It’s gale force winds & rain for me today. 🙁

      Having said that, while I miss you guys, I don’t miss burpees. I hate burpees. Yet – I do them all the time. What does that say about my mental health status??????

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