My New Slosh Tube Named Devon


You know the worst part about making your very own Slosh Tube?  It is that it is darn near impossible to find people who will join in with your excitement, since nobody knows what a Slosh Tube is.

If you haven’t checked out what one is yet, here is a link to some of the exercises used with one.

Slosh Tube Burpee & Slosh Tube Twirl

Slosh Tube Press

Slosh Tube Overhead Walk

Slosh Tube Get-up Sit-up

For anybody that has ever used one, they know how awesome it is.  It is literally my favorite piece of equipement. My good friend and Barefoot Running Expert, Jason Robillard, had one we used last year, and it instantly won me over.  I have been dying to get off my butt and make one myself.  It cost me $16 to make and here is a link to make your own Slosh Tube. You can make it any diameter. Some do 4″. I like the 3″ as it is better for my tiny hands to grip for Burpees.

Jason, being the professor he is, calculated the volume in his tube and halved it to get the amount needed to fill the tube halfway.  I did the other approach, which was to fill the entire tube and then pour it out into buckets. I made sure the water ended up even in both buckets and then poured one of them back into the tube. I call that the “idiot’s method.” 

As I type this, the glue on the 2nd cap is drying and I can not wait to try it out. Now the only issue with Jason’s tube was that he never named it (remember you always get to name your homemade equipement). I am calling my DEVON.

I usually don’t work out at home that often, but DEVON will be a staple to that diet. Stay tuned for a video of DEVON in action!

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