Upper & Lower

20 Offset Push-ups                    
20 Squat Jumps  
10 – each side – 1 Arm 1 Leg Rows (30 lb dumbbell)
10 – each side – Walking Lunges (20 lb dumbbells overhead)
10 Pull-ups (any type)
Choose 1 from each group. Where it calls for Upper, do the one you chose. Same goes for Lower. I decided to work on Pull-ups today, so that was my Upper. I then did Core Burpees for my Lower. The first round killed me, so I changed the Core Burpees to Box Jumps for the 2nd round. Just to be clear, here is how it works. I did 2 Pull-ups, followed by 4 Core Burpees (or Box Jumps). Then I did the 30 seconds of a Wall Sit. Then I did 4 Pull-ups with 8 Core Burpees (Box Jumps), followed by 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers. I continued through all the way to the Twist Push-ups for 1 round. If you do not like the options I have for Upper and Lower body, then just do your own.
Upper body                                  Lower body
Pull up                                                 Air Squat
Kettlebell BUP                                 Core Burpee
1 Arm 1 Leg Curl & Press            Box Jumps
Dips                                                      Lunge Twists
2 Upper, 4 Lower
30 second Wall Sit
4 Upper, 8 Lower
30 second Mountain Climbers
8 Upper, 16 Lower
30 second Physioball Pillar Bridge
4 Upper, 8 Lower
30 second Alligator Walk
2 Upper, 4 Lower
30 second Twist Push-ups
30 second Medicine Ball Pass & Sprawls (2 or more persons)
or  Medicine Ball Sit up Stand up Slams (1 person)
30 second Slalom
30 second Stutter Steps
X2 (at least)

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