Unbroken – Physioball & Pull-up Bar

I believe Crossfit coined the workout term “unbroken,” but this Functional Fitness version should still do the trick.
NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Physioball, Pull-up Bar
-do each exercise 1 rep for the first round
-increase reps each round, so the 2nd round has 2 reps each exercise, etc.
-maintain pace
-rest up to 30 seconds between exercises and/or rounds
-if you break pace or form, you are “broken” on that exercise
-if you are “broken” on an exercise, note the # of rounds you completed successfully and do not repeat that exercise in subsequent rounds
-continue until you run out of time or are broken on all exercises
-record your totals to beat next time
Note:  completing 8 successful rounds deserves some kudos!
Physioball Leg Curls
Diamond Push-ups
Physioball Mountain Climbers (both sides)
Sit-up Stand-up Tuck Jumps
Knees to Elbows
Split Squat Jumps (both sides)
Hindu Push-ups

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