NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Kettlebell, Medicine Ball
15 seconds each plank
Right Side Bridge, Front Plank, Left Side Bridge, V-Sit
-form 2 teams.
-Team 1 does set #1, while Team 2 does set #2.
-perform each exercise for 30 seconds
-no rest in between exercises
-10 seconds rest and then switch sets and complete for 1 round
SET #1:
Kettlebell Swings
Mountain Climbers
Kettlebell Goblet Squat
Kettlebell Clean & Press (alternate hands)
Leg Raises
SET #2:
Medicine Ball V-Sit Twists
Pike Push-ups
Medicine Ball Lunge Twists
Crab Crunches (alternate sides each round)
Medicine Ball Dips or Medicine Ball Sit-up Stand-up Slams
Stutter Steps

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  1. Harvey

    Yea! Pete is updating his blog again.
    Hey Pete, We did this one recently and it was a good time.

    Circuit #1
    10 heavy db bench presses
    20 v-sit knee to elbows
    10 rollouts
    10 pullups
    10 dips
    Bonus minute
    #1 – 1 minute plank w/ pushups every 5 sec.
    #2 – 1 minute stutter step w/ sprawl every 5 sec.
    #3 – 1 minute squat hold w/ burpee every 10 sec.
    #4 – 1 minute v-sit w/ rowboat every 5 sec.
    #5 – 1 minute split squat hold switch every 5 sec.

    Complete circuit #1 followed by bonus minute #1. Repeat circuit #1 followed bonus minute #2, etc.

    End with all 5 bonus minutes

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