Soccer Field #2

Functional Fitness workout at a soccer field. Ours was a kids’ field about 100 to 130 feet long. For Circuit #2, we shortened the distance by putting markers at about 40 feet.

Medicine balls
Sprint the length of the field
5 Pull-ups on the goal beam
Lunge Walk back to the starting point
Scissor Kicks until everybody is there, or do 20 if alone
30 seconds (or so) Side Bridge & Knee Tuck (left)
30 seconds (or so) V-Sit
30 seconds (or so) Side Bridge & Knee Tuck (right)
(make the V-sit on round 2 a competition)
Shorten the distance to 40 feet. Do animal walks to markers and back (total of 80 feet).
Panther Walk
20 – each side – V-sit Twist with Medicine Ball
Frog Jumps
50 Air Squats
Crab Walk
10 Medicine Ball Sit-up Stand-up Slams
20 Monkey Push (Push-up position, then swing feet up to the outside of your hands. Return your legs to the Push-up position)
Bear Walk
20 – each side – Medicine Ball Lunge Twist
Gorilla Walk
20 – each side – Side Lunge (no weight)
1 Sprint (length of soccer field)
2 Burpees
4 Hindu Push-ups
8 Rowboats
16 Push-ups (Plyo Spiderman if you are up to it)
32 Leg Raises

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