Six Pack

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Pull-up Bar (only 2 exercises to replace if you don’t have a Pull-up bar).

Note: A warm up is built into the first circuit of this Functional Fitness workout.

6 Air Squats
6 – each side – Side Lunges
6 Inchworms
6 Knees to Elbows
6 Push-ups
6 – each side – Lateral Bound
60 seconds each exercise
Front Plank
Side Bridge – left
Side Bridge – right
Front Plank
Rest 36 seconds after the first 2 rounds, 24 seconds after rounds 3 and 4, and only 12 seconds in between round 5 and 6.
36 Mountain Climbers
12 Lunge Walks
6 Sprawls
Do the first exercise 6 times, then do the second exercise once. Repeat the combo for a total of 6 before moving onto the next combo. (Ex. do 6 Air Squats followed by a Squat Jump, then do that same thing again 5 more times. Rest, then do the same pattern with the next combo.
Air Squats/ Squat Jumps
Push-ups/ Psycho Push-ups
V-Sit Twists/ Rowboats
Slaloms/ Burpees
Push-ups/ Hindu Push-ups
Air Squats/ Squat Jumps
6 Pull-ups
6 – each side – Side Bridge Knee Tuck
6 Rowboats
5 Leg Raises
4 Scissor Kicks
3 Pike Push-ups
2 Superman Push-ups
1 Psycho Push-up

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  1. Aaron

    Well, that was kind of brutal, and I didn’t even do the whole workout. I was using a shoe to keep my pages from blowing away and accidentally covered Circuit 3.

    I now hat the number 6 and, out of spite, refuse to use it for the next week. Guess that rules out any devil worship for the next few days, huh?

    1. Kemme Fitness

      If you like that one, try High Five or either of the 4 Wheel Drive workouts (if you haven’t already). This one was quite hard and at work when I had a group doing it, one of them actually walked over and wrote “SUCKS” at the top of the page as a reminder in case he were to want to do it again. I love it!

  2. Aaron

    It was an intense workout. I think having some absolute ass-kickers in the mix is a good thing. I am usually able to jog all the way back to my office after a workout. Not today.

    It got to the point where I was doing push-ups from my knees. I know I looked like I was having a seizure when it came to the psycho push-ups.

    Also, there was no good place to do pull-ups at the track where I work out, so I tried doing them on the cross bar of the moveable soccer goal. It was weighted at the back, but still tipped about 10 inches. I’m sure everybody on the track thought I was going to pull the whole thing over. I like keeping people on edge like that.

  3. Kemme Fitness

    I would love to be a bistander while you work out!! It does sound hilarious to watch! 🙂 I remember doing a bootcamp once last year and we took turns holding the soccer goal for others to do pull-ups. Still freaky when it tips

  4. Aaron

    I sometimes work out at playground in a park next to a local elementary school. The playground is seldom used when the kids are in class. More than once, a police cruiser has pulled over to make sure I wasn’t up to no good. I can imagine a dude by himself doing lunge walks, Brazilian crunches, and Siamese squats can look more than a little suspicious.

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