Rural Runs and Urban Runs – how to step it up a notch

If you have not tried an Urban Run or a Rural Run, you are missing out. It is a great way to get outside and enjoy your fitness. Plus it can be a perfect introduction to Kemme Fitness. If you are a runner, this will get you a taste of cross training. If you have been weight lifting and wanted to increase your anaerobic capacity, then these runs are perfect for you.

Note: If you are a runner who is just starting out with cross training, check out our free 8 week program K-Crosstrain. Download the pdf for free from this site and begin your cross training.

What is an Urban Run, you may ask?  Check out this post “Urban Run” for an explanation. Also I have a follow-up post with some more tips here.

What is a Rural Run, you may also ask?  Well that was the best name we could come up with for an Urban Run that is out in the country. I know…not very creative. But it is descriptive.

Now it is time to step it up a notch!

Ready for it….here it comes…bring something with you. That is the tip!  Bring something like a Medicine Ball or a dumbbell with you. This tip seems simple, but it does two things for you. First off, the extra weight in and of itself will add to the intensity of your workout.

But more importantly, you now have a piece of equipment to use for your exercises. That whole new added variety goes a long way to keep things new and fresh. Instead of just climbing on walls, doing body weight exercises, and running up and down stairs, you now can do Medicine Ball Sliders, Thrusters, Sit-up Stand-up Slams, etc.

I had even gone on a run with a partner and we each brought a medicine ball.  One was 8 lbs and the other was Carl, my homemade 20 lb medicine ball. Remember you get to name your homemade equipment. My partner and I switched medicine balls after each stop on our run, so we had a break from Carl 🙂

You will be extremely surprised at how the intensity of your workout will be increased dramatically with just 1 piece of equipment.

I am still working up the nerve to try a Rural Run with Devon – my homemade Slosh Tube!

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