Project Yeti: Preparation, Realization, and Pepperoni Pizza

Randy’s words: 

Nothing is going to succeed unless you prepare. So I did what everyone who is about to do something like this would do, I had a pepperoni pizza. I think well when I am full. Seriously, prep or fail and so I cleared out a big enough space in the unfinished portion of my basement, gave away all of the food in my pantry that will not conform to the program, and called the YMCA to check on open swim times. 

I talked to my family and friends and told them I was again going to lose weight and get healthier. They were supportive but all were skeptical. This is not my first “prom” and the band has never played the last song for me. I also figured that I cannot lose over 250 pounds no matter how long I give myself. That is just delayed procrastination. I can (I hope) wake up and defeat the day ahead of me. In time and with some success I can work on a goal for a week. I think that if I go much farther than that I am just setting myself up for what defeated me in the past. Raise your hand if you have ever been on a diet. Keep your hand up if you have ever made a deal with yourself that I can have this cookie and later (that never comes) cut back the day before weigh in. Me too.

It does not make us bad people it just makes us human.

The toughest part of this will be not allowing me to make deals and lie to myself. If you have never done this on a diet then you are a better person then me. Also, I need to really ask myself before I eat or drink something two questions. First, am I hungry or just filling time or using food as a form of love? (I am not going to get into the psychology of replacements for love. Let us just say it happens and move on.)

Second, is this the appropriate thing to eat or drink? Here again I can make a deal with the devil and justify why I want a cola or burger but I have to make a choice and when it is working the correct one. It is when I get down or the weight loss starts to level off or even worse I lose a good amount and I think I can handle a little cheating. I am no fool but I have been fooling myself for years. You do not get this fat by accident, I did this to myself and I can get out of this mess by doing the same thing that got me here only in reverse.

Finally I know I cannot do this alone. The toughest thing for a person to do is ask for help. Pride has killed more than anything when it comes to weight loss in my opinion. I’m not asking for anything but the truth. So if you’re reading this and know what it is like, drop me a note. Tell me your truth and let’s see what we can do. It does not matter if it is a pound or a ton the truth will set us free. 

The beast is at the door. April 1st is but a few days away and this train is boarding now. I hope you enjoy the ride and if you get something from it that will help. Then the ticket to ride is on me. In case you’re wondering I did have a farewell to pepperoni pizza and it was delicious. My next one is at 100 pounds down. Carrot, stick, sensory memory, common folks work with me.

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  1. Sally Kemme

    I talked to my nurse that calls me once a month (insurance requirement) and told her my new goal was 20 pounds by Aug. She told me that’s doable but maybe I should start with 10 pounds instead so I don’t feel let down if it doesn’t happen. I know that 75 percent of my plate should be fruits and vegatables but it’s hard to change 50+ years of habit. I buy the veg. but if I don’t cut them right up so I can just grab them I must admit that I end up throwing them away. I also agree that it is hard doing it by yourself but I know that you will have a lot of support and you will find that people do care. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you the best. Don’t get down on yourself if you hit a bump in the road just pick yourself back up and keep going.

  2. MrsQ

    Hey Randy! I’m really excited for you! This is going to be a blast!

    Tomorrow is day 1 – what are your plans for this upcoming week? Consciously set some realistic (but challenging) short term goals this week, and see how great it feels to cross them off your list. You’ve got guidance and support, but it’s only you doing the work – and that’s going to feel really good !

    Having been quite round and quite sedentary, I know that (especially in the beginning), having small goals (eat a real breakfast including protein, prepare and bring a nutritious mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, do 10 wall push-ups every time I go to the ladies room – yeah, I know that one’s silly, but you should see my arms and shoulders now!) was key to developing new habits. The new habits you’re developing now are creating the foundation for your healthy future!

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you! All the best!

    1. Kemme Fitness

      Thank you so much for your comments. It appears you have some great experience to help share. I appreciate it. Please continue to help out, as I personally feel, Randy has a big ally is this website. I have never meant this website to be about weight loss, but with all the people who visit here, this is a great opportunity to both inspire others and keep Randy going.

  3. Julia

    So excited to hear about your progress!! Good Luck, it is really all about choices!

  4. Sally Kemme

    Along with the weight loss it is very important to have strong core muscles. You’ll burn off fat faster which helps with the weight loss. Best to you

  5. Jonathan B. Levine

    Good luck go go. I’d like to share a couple thoughts on the peperoni pizza.
    1. Get out of the habit of rewarding yourself with food. When you deprive yourself of something until you lose the 100, you still reinforce the “food makes me happy” mindset.
    2. You mentioned that you were joining weight watchers. You can still have “Some” peperoni pizza. Not just “A” peperoni pizza. Don’t deprive yourself of stuff. Learn to enjoy it in moderation. It will tkae time to relearn eating, but it will happen.
    3. Keep a journal of your “Trigger Foods”. If you just can’t eat “some” peperoni pizza, order one and take two pieces out of the box and throw the rest in the cat box. Only have enough available to you to eat in moderation.
    4. When you do slip up. Don’t starve yourself the next day. You will be a lot more likely to binge. If you were driving down the road and veered into oncoming traffic, you wouldn’t try to swerve back onto the shoulder or ditch. No you’d just get back into your lane and learn to avoid that.

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