Pete’s homemade gym workout

10  – each direction – Mini Slosh Tube Bass-ass Swings
10 – each side – Macebell Overhead Pass with Squat
Macebell Levered Shoulder Press
Parallette Push-ups with feet on Physioball
Ring Dips
21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps
10 Mini Slosh Tube Samurai Chops
10 Slosh Tube Get-up Sit-ups
10 – each side – Macebell Half Spin with Squat
1 Front Plank Walk
2 runs around the house
4 Slosh Tube Bench Press Throws
8 Physioball Explosive Push-ups
Repeat as needed

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  1. Kemme Fitness

    Don’t forget…if you don’t have 1 of the pieces of equipment, go to the Exercise Page and find something similar to replace. The format here is fun, so don’t skip it if you don’t have a set of rings for example.

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