Outside #1

Functional Fitness workout designed by Seth Crooks
Place Heavy Bar and Slosh Tube about fifty feet apart.
-Begin at either side and overhead throw Carl (20 lb Homemade Medicine Ball) at the other side.
-Jog up and continue throwing until Carl makes it past other piece of equipment.
-Now that you are at the other side, do 10 Presses (either Slosh Tube or Heavy Bar)
-Repeat going the other way and do 10 Squats.
-Go back and forth for 10 minutes doing 10 somethings at each side.
Crab Walk 100 feet
2 Frog Stand to Headstands
Stutter Steps for one minute
50 Push-ups
50 Slaloms
5 laps around house backwards
3 Slosh Tube Plank Walks (same as with Macebell)
20 Slosh Tube Vertical Lifts (raise Slosh Tube straight up into the air until you are holding the bottom, then lower back down)
20 Burpees

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  1. Harvey

    Your neighbors must think you are insane!

  2. Seth

    Yes, but maybe not just from the exercises. 🙂

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