One Arm Day

2 – each side – 1 Arm Push ups
(do on an incline if necessary)
4 – each side – Turkish Getups
(Challenge is 55 lbs or 47 1/2 offset, meaning one 1/2 plate on only one side)
1 – each side – 75 lb 1 Arm Barbell Snatch
10 – each side –  100 lb Barbell Virtual Shoveling
5 – each side – 1 Arm Press 45 lb Barbell
5 – each side –  Barbell Off Set Press
(one of the few I have no link to, so here is an explanation. Sit backwards on the bench press and hold the Barbell with one hand on the complete end of it, so the Barbell sticks out to one side. Try to bench press that)
5 – each side – Cable Punch 80 lbs
5 – each side – Kettblebell  Clean and Press
5 – each side – Renegade Rows 35 lbs Dumbbells
Tabata Intervals – you pick the exercise – make it one you can do a lot of, fast
20 seconds of exercise
10 seconds rest
Repeat for 8 rounds
This website is for recreational use only. Kemme Fitness is merely the title of the blog run by Pete Kemme. Pete Kemme is not a licensed physical therapist or physician and has no certifications related to fitness. See either a physician or physical therapist prior to doing any exercise. None of the material on this blog is a recommendation. Pete Kemme is simply sharing what he does and has learned about fitness. If you perform any of the exercises listed on this blog, you are doing so at your own risk.

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  1. Lawrence

    Pete – you would be proud of your group today. Led by fearless Josh – he put your crew of ne’ertodowells through a brutal non-stop workout. Be proud of your grasshoppers. Be proud. 🙂

    1. kemmefitness

      Excellent. Maybe I’ll put Josh in charge when I return from vacation. I am going to need some serious reconditioning. Apparently beef jerky, ice cream, donuts, pizza, beer, and wine all have a good amount of calories.

      1. Josh

        I think the “facilitate” is more accurate. You’re still the Alpha Male..:)

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