Mix and Match (extreme version)

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Barbell, Physioball, Dumbbells
-Choose any # out of the “REPS” column and any exercise out of the “EXERCISE” column.
-Perform that many reps of that exercise and cross them off the list.
-Continue until you have done all exercises once and each # of reps one time.
-Do the high reps with the easiest exercises in the beginning
-Also do the hardest exercises with the lowest reps in the beginning
-For exercises that work 1 side at a time, do the # of reps for each side. For example, you would do 7 Turkish Get-ups for each hand (14 not 7 total reps)
10 1 Arm Push-up
9 Aztec Push-up
8 Triangle Pull-ups
7 Core Burpee
6 185 lb Deadlift barbell
5 65 lb 1 Arm Snatch barbell
4 55 lb Turkish Get-ups barbell
3 Man Maker 20 lb dumbbells
2 Spartan Push-up 20 lb dumbbells
1 Shovel  Deadlift 25 lb plate 1 side
20 Physioball 1 Leg Sit-ups
23 Closed eye 1 Leg Romanian Deadlift  15-20 lb dumbbells
26 Pistons 35 lb dumbbells or kettlebell if you have one
30 Renegade Row 35 lb dumbbells
33 Physioball Knee Tuck
36 Burpees
40 Physioball Mountain Climbers
43 Toes to Bar
46 Sit-up Stand-up Tuck Jump
50 Muslim Prays

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