Medicine Ball & Stairs

Not everybody has access to a 5 floor stairwell. But if you can have something similar, as well as a medcine ball or two, you can have a rip roaring time!
Some days all I want to do is take a medicine ball into the cement stairwell and punish myself. How you may ask?
Well here are a few ideas:
-run up & down with the MB in one hand above your head.
-slam it on the ground in front of you or twist to sides
-chuck it against the wall, let it bounce, catch it, throw it again. Alternate your throws
(Ex: 5 side throws, 5 underhand, 5 overhead, 5 other side, repeat)
-put your feet up on a few steps and do Push-ups with your hands on the ball.
-MB Thrusters
-2 people can pass it back and forth as they ascend and descend
-2 people can leap frog with MB.
(Ex: I run up a flight, you throw MB up to me. You run past me up another flight, I throw to you)
-Use your imagination
-Have good music on your MP3
Here is a sample 2 person workout with a MB in the stairwell. 
25 MB Thrusters base of stairs
5 slams
5 – each side  – one arm twist slams
5 MB Pushups
1 person run stairs (no ball)
Other person alternates
5 – each side – side throws against wal
5 overhead against wall
5 underhand against wall
5 slams on ground
25 MB Thrusters base of stairs
5 slams
5 – each side – one arm twist slams
5 MB Pushups
Run stairs together, passing 14-15 lb MB back and forth at every landing
Repeat until exhausted
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  1. kemmefitness

    Well, we did a 6 person version of this today. The stairwell has 6 floors (5 flights). We divided into 3 two person teams. Poor Jeff was stuck with me. Todd & Josh together and Val & Dave were a team. I made it up as we went, but here is what it looked like:

    CIRCUIT #1
    Team #1: 12 lb MB leap frog
    Team #2: 14-15 lb MB run side by side, MB pass back and forth
    Team #3: 10 Thrusters 10 lb MB, slams w/ 6 lb MB (switch when 10 Thrusters done)
    Rotate through all 3 stations.
    Rinse and repeat all 3 again.

    CIRCUIT #2
    Team #1: declined MB push ups, 12 lb throws against wall (switch after 10 push ups)
    Team #2: slam the tar out of the 6 lb MB back and forth
    Team #3: run the stairs. 1 person holds 10 lb MB above head either side up to top, then the other person holds it above their head on the way down.

    As I sit here typing, I realize that I could take another shower (my face is still beat red).

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