Light Workout

This workout was perfect to fit into a week where I worked out four days in a row. Most people in the fitness industry will agree that it is difficult, if not counter productive, to do more than 3 days in a row of intense workout sessions.

So this was a good one to fit right in the middle for a quasi-break.

I had access to a stairwell with 6 flights of stairs.  The only piece of equipment I brought was a 30 lb dumbbell.  You can substitute in whatever you want.

I then alternated my runs up the stairs. The first round was carrying the dumbbell in any way that was comfortable.  Ok…there really is no comfortable way to carry a dumbbell up 6 flights of stairs and I shifted it around quite a bit.

I ran back down with the dumbbell and gladly set it on the floor. The next time I ran up then, I carryed no weight, but I had to stop at one of the landings and do some exercises.  I would suggest 10 to 20 Push-ups, or a few Hindu Push-ups. Just go to the Exercise page and choose one of the bodyweight exercises.

Simply keep alternating your runs (1 with the weight, the other with the few reps of a bodyweight exercise on one of the landings).

Total time should be kept to a minimal such as 25 minutes or so.

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