Hands on

A Guest workout by Seth Crooks
NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Medicine Ball, Clubbell
RULES: For each circuit, you need to keep your hands on the listed piece of equipment the entire circuit (not including your breaks). Hence, Seth’s creative name of “hands on.”
CIRCUIT #1 (Medicine Ball)
10 Get-up Stand-ups (without slam)
10 – each side – Lunge Twist
10 Sliders
10 V-Sit Twists
10 Thrusters
CIRCUIT #2 (Clubbell)
10 – each side – Torch Presses
10 Barbarian Squats
10 – each side – Swipes
10 Front Hand Switches
CIRCUIT #3  (ground)
50 yards Bear Walk
25 Push-ups
50 yards Frog Jumps
25 Mountain Climbers

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