Exercises for a climbing or undulation rope

Hopefully you could be lucky enough to get your hands on an old climbing rope, maybe after a school retired theirs.  Or I’m guessing there are some creative ways to find people or businesses that are getting rid of an old large rope.  You can actually buy an Undulation Rope, but who wants to do that!

A friend of mine asked if I had some exercises for an old climbing rope.  He actually got a high school’s retired climbing rope.  I personally have not used one, so I did a little research for him.  I ended up finding a bunch of videos on Youtube for this guy from Punch Kettlebell Gym New York City.

If you can get your hands on an old rope, there appears to be tons of fun things to do, all of them geared towards Functional Fitness. Click on my Exercises page, or I pasted the section for the climbing/undulation ropes below.  Don’t forget to share any ideas you have on how to find your own rope – cheaply. Just leave a comment on this post.

Body Rows
Double Side Winder
Double Wave
Kettlebell Swing
Uppercut Move
Wrestler’s Throw
Sit & Climb
Single Hand Double Ropes
Rope Pulling
One Rope
One Handed Pull-up

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