Core – Plyometric – Agility #2

Here is another installment in the Functional Fitness format of working your core, then doing plyometrics, and finishing up with speed and agility drills.

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Parallettes, Medicine Ball, Physioball

30 seconds each exercise
L-Hold on Parallettes
Physioball Mountain Climbers
Side Plank
Nose to Ground
20 Parallette Push-ups (don’t do the clap-just regular Push-ups)
10 – each side – Physioball Leg Rotation
20 – each side – Medicine Ball 1 Leg Dips (both hands behind you MB)
30 Box Jumps
10 Inchworm
20 Parallette Dips
10 – each side – Physioball Knee Tuck
10 – each side – Medicine Ball Lunge Twists
20 Frog Jumps
10 Plyometric Push-ups
5 Medicine Ball Sprawl Passes (pass the Medicine Ball to a partner and Sprawl before the ball returns to you)
10 seconds Stutter Steps
10 Slaloms
10 Ankle Jumps
10 Tuck Jumps
Run 100 feet and back
X4 or so

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      Thanks. I checked out your site. Wow, you have a lot of information on there! Great job! I will have to read more, as I only had time to peruse it quickly.

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