Cone day

Here is a Functional Fitness workout with no needed equipment (well other than some cones or markers).

SET-UP: Place 5 cones in a straight line about 10-12 yards apart. Also, place 10 cones in a slalom pattern with a width of about 15 yards and a length of about 50 yards.

Sprint around the 10 cones in the slalom pattern and back after each hold
30 seconds Side Plank left
30 seconds Front Plank
30 seconds V-Sit
30 seconds Side Plank right
Circuits 2, 3, and 4 are done the same way, using the 5 cones in a straight line. Essentially you are sprinting from cone #1 to cone #5, returning to cone #1. Repeat to cones #4, #3, and #2. However, at cones #4 and #2 there are exercises to do. Also, you have a type of walk for your return trip, that you alternate through.
Alternate walks back with Bear Walk and Lunge Walk (meaning you Bear Walk on return trips from cones #5 and #3, while you do a Lunge Walk back to cone #1 from cones #4 and #2).
10 – each side – Crab Crunch at cone #4
30 Leg Raises at cone #2
 Alternate walks back with Tarantula Walk and Frog Jump
10 – each side – Brazilian Crunch at cone #4
30 Scissor Kicks at cone #2
Alternate walks back with Duck Walk (or Crab Walk) with Gorilla Walk
20 Push-ups at cone #4
50 Air Squats at cone #2
Use the 10 slalom cones.
Round 1 – run around slalom cones down and back
Round 2 – run around slalom cones down and back, but do Push-ups at every cone on the right (both directions)
Round 3 – run around the slalom cones down and back
10 Burpees

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