Clubbell workouts

It is not a secret…my favorite piece of exercise equipment for my Functional Fitness program these days is my homemade Clubbell.  You don’t have to make your own, although they cost like $80 on up.  I built mine for under $6. Just click on The Low Cost Gym for a free ebook with instructions for the Clubbell and many other pieces of equipment for your gym at home.

Since we have hundreds of workouts to chose from here, many of them under our At Home workout page, it may be difficult to find ones that utilize the Clubbell. Therefore, I thought I’d put up a quick post with direct links to the workouts so far using Clubbells.

Clubbell run
Clubbell 600
Higher degree of difficulty #1
Seth #4 with a Clubbell
Just me and my Clubbell
Beginner Clubbell workout
Beginner Clubbell #2
Bell day
Power of 20 – At home
Running at rest
Spartan Clubbell workout
I have more workouts coming, however, this is a decent list to get you started. Some of these workouts require some other pieces of equipment. You can always substitute in exercises off our EXERCISE page using equipment you do have in order to make the workouts work for you.

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