Breakdance workout #2

Another fun Functional Fitness workout


10 Muslim Pray
10 – each side – Lower Russian Twist
10 – each side – Upper Russian Twist (with Phyiosball)
10 Aztec Push-ups (or replace with easier)
10 – each side – Brazilian Crunch
30 seconds Left Side Bridge
10 – each side – Leg Swoop
10 – each side – Back Bridge Switch
30 seconds Right Side Bridge
10 Muslim Pray
10 Donkey Kicks
1 minute Physioball Bridge
10 – each side – Plank 1 Arm Touch
10 – each side – Grasshopper Push-ups
1 minute Phyiosball Bridge
10 – each side – Ice Skaters
5 Sprawls
10 – each side – Ice Skaters
4 Sprawls
10 – each side – Ice Skaters
3 Sprawls
10 – each side – Ice Skaters
2 Sprawls
10 – each side – Ice Skaters
1 Sprawls

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  1. Shane

    Knocked this one out tonight after a rough day at work. I could not do Aztec push-ups, so they became Plyo push-ups. I also could not do the Back bridge switch, so I subbed that out on the fly for dips, but done from a crab walk position. Fun workout though! Some observations – work on the physioball, Brazilian Crunches, and Plank One Arm Touches are all harder than they look. Bridge holds make time go by slower. And I felt that no breakdance session would be complete without a headspin, but since I value my spine and its cohesiveness, I subbed that for a 30 second head stand at the end. Counting about a 5 minute warm up stretch, it was 32 minutes, burning 238 calories.

  2. Kemme Fitness

    Nice creativity Shane! You are like a street breakdancer…you know changing it up on the fly for the audience!

  3. Seth

    I think you should change the name of this workout to breakdance workout 2 :electric boogaloo

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