Bonus Circuit – Countdown


10 Burpees
9 Push-ups
8 Burpees
7 Push-ups
6 Burpees
5 Push-ups
4 Burpees
3 Push-ups
2 Burpees
1 Push-up

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  1. ridin

    This is a great idea. Thanks!

    I really enjoy the variety and creativity that goes into your plans. And by “creativity” I don’t mean you invent new exercises constantly. You definitely do that, yeah, but also you’re coming up with new blends and mixes, like the one in this post. Our bodies and brains need variety to perform, and thanks for all your ideas.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      I appreciate it. I don’t know if variety is necessary for everybody, but I get bored too easily and then boredome becomes lack of motivation which becomes fat belly!

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