Beginner – No Equipment

10 Sit-up Stand-up Tuck Jumps
10 – each side – Scorpion Push-ups
10 Inchworm
10 Quad Squats
10 -each side – Frog to Side Plank
10 Burpee
10 Pistols (1 legged squat)
10 Pike Push-ups
10 Tuck Jumps
10 Air Squats
10 Squat Jumps
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Split Squat Jumps
10 Frog Jumps
10 Rowboat
10 Cross Toes Touches
10 Brazilian Crunch
10 Siamese Squats
10 Twist Push-ups
10 Leg Swoops
X2 (if you can)

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  1. Shane

    I did this exercise a few days ago as my introduction to this site and its philosophy. As a background on my fitness, I’m mid-30s, can run a 5k comfortably, and just finished the Beachbody Insanity workout program. I did the routine with a Polar FT60 watch logging my heartrate and such.

    I took the (if you can) to be a personal challenge, and I did it twice. Including about 10 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of cool down, it took me 57 minutes to complete. I burned 596 calories, 21 % of which was from fat, with an average heartrate of 126 bpm, and a max of 166 bpm. It took a bit longer than it will in the future, because I had to stop and refresh myself on the exact form of a couple of the exercises.

    I took 30 second breaks as needed. Next time I will probably set an interval timer to do 3 minutes of exercise and 30 seconds of rest and see how that breaks it up. And I will probably start swapping out exercises.

    I was sore as all get out for the next two days. Including muscles I had been neglecting since I finished the Insanity workout and was back to running more.

  2. Kemme Fitness

    yes, the negative of this “beginner” exercise is the learning curve because of the sheer volume of exercises. That does get better, but I found that many people love the list format (you know…when you hit the bottom of the page, you are done). My wife hates circuits where you have to repeat the same thing again. Glad to hear you switching things out and making it your own!.

    Don’t forget to share with me your personal versions and we can post them here to share with others!

  3. Seth

    Hadn’t done this one in awhile, and I thought it would be easy since I had been doing workouts regularly. Wrong! Still tough. Great workout!

  4. Seth

    And again…still tough.

  5. Seth

    New year, still a big pain. This is a great workout everytime.

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