Backyard Workout

Today, I did a workout without any fitness equipment.  As you will see, there are tons of things at most people’s houses that you can use to create a workout. All you need is some imagination. I had my nine year old record the 1st round, so check out the link below.

10 – each side – Chops with the ax
50 pound Bag Carry
5 Front Dips
5 Pull-ups
Wheelbarrel Run
Lawmower Push
Wheelbarrel Run
50 pound Bag Carry





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  1. Josh

    BTW, that bag of salt was 40#

    1. kemmefitness

      Oh sure Josh, You just wanted me to go all the way to my pole barn to double check. Safe T Salt 50 lb bag!

      Just wait until Thursdays workout at noon. I’ll pay you back 🙂

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