Aaron Roberts workout

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Medicine Ball, Pull-up Bar
30 seconds Front Plank (V-sit 2nd round)
30 Slaloms
30 seconds Front Plank (V-sit 2nd round)
30 seconds Stutter Steps
5 Burpees
5 Pull-ups
5 Burpee Medicine Ball Thrusts
5 Chin-ups
5 Hindu Push-ups
5 Burpee Medicine Ball Thrusts with a slam
X 5 (30 seconds rest between rounds)
4 stations – 30 seconds each
Burpee Medicine Ball Thrust
Side Lunges
Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers
2 Burpee Medicine Ball Thrust with slam
5 Tuck Jumps
10 Air Squats

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  1. Aaron

    Finally got around to doing my namesake workout. I had forgotten that you made a whole workout around the burpee medicine ball thrust/slam.

    At the moment, I can’t decide who I am more disgusted with: you for making up this beast of a workout or me for letting you put my name on it.

    Circuit 2 was easily the toughest part. I ended up only being able to manage 3 sets.

    One thing I discovered about the burpee medicine ball thrust/slam is that, if I just drop the ball right in front of me, it really hinders the push-up portion of the next burpee. A couple of times, I caught myself only going down until my nose hit the ball. What worked better was this little modification. Let’s call it a Burpee Medicine Ball Thrust/Slam with a Frog Jump. After the ball is back on the ground, take a big step (or jump) back and do the push up. Then hike your feet back under you, and do a frog jump forward until you can grab the ball for the next thrust. Adding the frog jump makes for a much smoother routine.

    We need to come up with a better name than the Burpee Medicine Ball Thrust/Slam with a Frog Jump.

    Good stuff!

  2. Kemme Fitness

    I like the modification…and yes the name is getting ridiculously long. We can just call it “Aaron.” That way people will just come to cringe at the mere mention of your name. How cool!

  3. Aaron

    I was going to suggest “Milo” after my dog, who just watched me do a ton of these with a bemused look on his face.

  4. Kemme Fitness

    ha ha, we might have a winner. “ok, folks, we’re doing 10 Milos and then some Stutter Steps.” Sounds good! 🙂

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