1 more reason to love Urban Runs

I’m sure you have seen plenty of posts here on Urban or Rural runs. They are a great way to share crosstraining with all types of  people from runners to bodybuilders. You can get a large group together (of varying fitness levels even) easily and it forces you outside for some fresh air. But I found yet 1 more reason to like Urban Runs.

Let me explain.

So here I was on Monday morning. I had been on vacation for over a week and barely was able to workout the week prior to that. Now…throw in a whole bunch of icecream, rootbeer shakes, pizza, Hacker Pshorr (wheat beer), regular beer, wine, more icescream, cookies, more wine. Ok, you get the point.

I seriously was dreading the thought of working out today. Then one of our group that work out here at work emailed wondering if we were up for an Urban Run today. I thought, “sure.” Actually my first thought was, “no. I seriously want to sit on my butt in my office and do nothing.”

It was a small group that made its way out into Monroe Cn NW in downtown Grand Rapids. In fact, there were only 3 of us. But all 3 of us were not totally into being extremely intense, so we jogged off (yes I said jogged) into a northwesterly direction. It was a new path for us and it ended up being a scouting mission.

We found new places with grass for bodyweight exercises. We found new stairs and new railings for Bodyweight Rows. We found that the large chained tire swing on Calder Plaza was great to mess around with. There was no pressure. Sometimes we sat there brainstorming while we caught our breath.

35 minutes later and we still had a decent workout, and it was great to have a new Urban Run path for when we go back next week with a larger group. I got excited to go at it again.

The reason why I loved it was that an Urban Run is a perfect way to get back into your exercise program. You don’t have to go nuts and it still forces you to do a complete workout. I mean, once you are several blocks away, you do have to make the return trip. No way to skip out on that unless you plan on not going back to work. Ok that thought did cross my mind 🙂

So there it is…the Urban Run – a perfect entry workout post vacation!

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