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Another free ebook – Functional Fitness Defined

I recently posted here about how I took my latest book idea and divided it into two, creating two free ebooks. I introduced the Kemme Fitness User Guide on May 23rd. Now comes Functional Fitness Defined.

In this ebook, I introduce the concepts of Functional Fitness and explain the 4 dimensions in detail. The short and concise ebook is easy to read and will show you how Functional Fitness programs are  more effecient and effective for achieving total body overall fitness.

Just click on the image to right on the side menu or click DOWNLOAD HERE for your free copy today. As with all Kemme Fitness resources, please feel free to share them with anybody and everybody.


Release of the Kemme Fitness User Guide

I decided to take apart my latest book idea and turn it into two easy to read ebooks to place for free on the website. Again, being a business person is not my forte (thank God I have a day job).  The first part of the book idea will be turned into an ebook called Functional Fitness Defined, so stay tuned for that.

I then used most of the remainder of the book idea to create the Kemme Fitness User Guide. I added this ebook to the side menu bar earlier this week and weaved it into some other pages in lieu of several explanatory paragraphs.

You can click on the User Guide image on the right side or click DOWNLOAD USER GUIDE HERE. The quick read explains all you need to know about Kemme Fitness and how to get started, no matter what level you are starting at.

Let me know what you think in the comment section of this post.

I need help with the title to one of my upcoming 12 week fitness programs.

About a year ago I realized how many runners were using Kemme Fitness. In response, I created K-Crosstrain to try and guide them into a cross-training program. K-Crosstrain is an 8 week program, an ebook in pdf format you can click and download.

It answers some common questions and provides several workouts for you, depending on what equipment you have, for the duration of 8 weeks.

As 2011 wore on, I decided to help our readers who are exercising at home to create the very same pieces of exercise equipment I was testing out.

That spawned The Low Cost Gym, another downloadable free ebook. This ebook has instructions on how to make your very own Slosh Tube and homemade Clubbell.


Later, as the year wore on some more, I kept receiving an increasing amount of feedback about the pros and cons of Kemme Fitness. The biggest “con” or complaint was that even the Beginner page of workouts is still not user friendly. It takes several minutes to click on the various workouts to see which ones are right for you. People were sick of wasting their “exercise time” surfing for the workout.

Well that worked out perfectly for all of us with New Year’s resolutions, because I released K-Fit just the other day in time for folks ready to start 2012 anew. K-Fit is a 12 week program, in the usual free pdf ebook you can download here.

K-Fit became instantly popular among our readers, so that got me a think’n.  Next to come: K-Challenge. K-Challenge will be similar to K-Fit, except instead of being a program for those newer to Functional Fitness, it will be a compilation of our most intense workouts.

Oh Yeah!  You think you are nuts? Wait until you begin K-Challenge later this spring.

That brings us to the purpose of this post. After K-Challenge, I want to release yet another 12 week program. The difference with this program will be its use of equipment. At this point, I am shooting for Pull-up Bar, Slosh Tube, Clubbell, and Medicine ball. That may change, but it will be something similar.

In the spirit of the other programs, I of course will have it named K-something or other.  You know, brand identification. I just can’t seem for the life of me to figure out what the something or other is actually going to be.

K-Homemade?  K-Craziness? I don’t know. Please share with us your thoughts and leave some comments on your ideas.  Whoever’s name I use will get a free copy of the free ebook. Talk about incentives to participate!!

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