It is sad that I have to have a Disclaimer page. But it is important, so please read.
You need to know that I am not a physician, physical trainer, or certified in any way shape or form. I am merely somebody who likes to research and likes to have fun when I workout.
None of my workouts or exercise explanations are recommendations.  I am merely showing what I do for anybody that is interested. Please use common sense when doing any new exercise – remember safety is first. I strongly suggest that you do your own research to ensure your safety. 
If you are not used to intense physical activity, consult a physician before beginning. Always be careful whenever you have heavy things like kettlebells above your head. Always make sure you are doing any exercise in good form.
Any injuries that result from trying any of the workouts or exercises on this site/blog are your responsibility. Just remember, I am only sharing what I do.  I am not an expert in fitness.   
Be safe, enjoy life, and above all else, have fun!