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This site is dedicated to those who believe in total body functional fitness training.

Where to begin?
The Exercise Page has video links to each exercise we do, and the Beginner Page has links to tons of workouts to get you started. K-Fit is our introductory 12 program that you can download for free. This is a great way to start Kemme Fitness. The pdf file has links to video demonstrations for the exercises. There is a learning curve with the exercise names, but it won’t take long and you’ll have them down. If you are more the lines of a recovering couch potatoe, are quite overweight, or just feel that K-Fit is too intense, then check out K-Basic. K-Basic is another 12 week program, this one only requires a physioball for equipment and will strengthen your core to prepare you for more intense workouts.
For a complete User Guide, you can DOWNLOAD HERE.
On the other workout pages, the newer workouts have video links to each exercise within the actual post itself. Older ones do not, so you will have to click on that Exercise Page and find the exercise to get to the video link.
If you have specific concerns about some of the exercises or your particular condition, feel free to contact me at I can hopefully answer your questions, or refer you to who can. If you have any serious medical condition, make sure you run this by your physician. That goes for serious injuries as well.
Runners – don’t forget to check out the free 8 week  program K-Crosstrain to begin your cross training!
Need equipment?  Look at The Low Cost Gym free ebook for ideas to save you money so you can workout at home.
Why is it called Kemme Fitness?  [kem – ee]
I believe in the research done concerning core training, plyometrics,  High Intensity Interval Training, and other Functional Fitness concepts. I think that the trainers on the Biggest Loser and physical therapists around the world are correct. I also believe in the recommendation from the American Heart Association that a person should have an increased heart rate for at least 30 to 40 minutes.
So when it came time to give a name to what I do, I wanted to call it Total Body Functional Fitness. Unfortunately, that was way too long of a title for a website. Since my last name is fairly unique (unless you are from Northern Germany) I decided to simply use it. I know it sounds a little ego-centric, but that was not my intention. I just couldn’t come up with something as cool as Crossfit.
What is Kemme Fitness? 
Well…some call me crazy. Others just find what I do a little strange, simply because I do not work out in a traditional manner. Sure I do dumbbell curls, but I do them while kneeling on a physioball, or I do them with one hand while standing on the opposite leg. I also use a barbell, but I use it for Turkish Get-ups and One Arm Snatches instead of Presses on the bench. I’ll run, but when I do I’ll drop and do Spiderman Push-ups and Burpees every one hundred feet or so. My favorite piece of equipment is my homemade medicine ball, which is a sand filled basketball weighing twenty pounds. I call him Carl—you get to name any homemade equipment by the way. 
Long story short, when I workout, people look at me like I’m nuts. What they don’t know is how basic I am. I don’t mean basic because I am using a lot of homemade equipment (although my duck taped version of gymnastic rings is pretty rudimentary). I mean that I am being basic in purpose. I workout in order to keep my body usable in a natural way. You can’t get anymore basic than that. For me, the choice was to either to quit my career and go get a job that forced me to do real physical labor, or to workout in a way that prepared my body to work efficiently and effectively. 
To achieve that functionality, I like to get a little creative. Although I created exercises for the Mini Slosh Tube or the Core Burpee, I would never claim to be a pioneer in training. But one thing I definitely do is a lot of research. Every so often I get a touch bored and start googling something new. That way I am constantly adding to my workouts and altering existing ones to keep things fresh and exciting. And yes—plenty of our workouts can be pretty intense.
New to Functional Fitness programs? DOWNLOAD “Functional Fitness Defined” for free.
What is up with the blue and green opposing arrows?
I came to realize that Kemme Fitness is about sharing. It is about us sharing with all of you, you all sharing with each other, and you sharing back to us. That brought me to the double arrow design, which represents file sharing.
The blue and green are just awesome colors, but they also represent the natural components of Kemme Fitness. Green is associated with the earth, specifically flora, while the blue is associated with air. The versions of those colors I chose are more calming than other hues, creating a more natural flow. Remember, I am an oil painter! Why natural? Well I went that direction because I also realized that more and more of us are working out at home. I’m not saying that gone are the days of gyms, but there is clearly a movement among us to research on our own and do things ourselves. I crosstrain barefoot and there are many out there who have joined me. Even if you are wearing the latest Nike’s, many of you are still exercising outside in your yard or the nearby park.
About me
I really don’t share much of my personal life, other than that I obviously love the band, U2, and I live out in the country here in Michigan. I do work in a large city, Grand Rapids, so I have that benefit for our Urban Runs. I love my family and I love sharing about what I have learned. I love being barefoot as well! 
As for what I have learned, it is a cumulation of years of research, practice, and the training of others. I also maintain a FiTour Core and Functional Fitness certification. I truly feel that what we do here is a safe, effective way to get your body into shape…not bodybuilding shape, but in a functional state that uses your body the way God intended you to.
It is sad that I have to have a Disclaimer. But it is important, so please read.
You need to know that I am not a physician, and the scope of my certification is limited to a Core and Functional Fitness Specialist.
None of my workouts or exercise explanations are recommendations, medical or otherwise.  I am merely showing what I do for anybody that is interested. Please use common sense when doing any new exercise – remember safety is first. I strongly suggest that you do your own research to ensure your safety. If you are not used to intense physical activity, consult a physician before beginning. Always be careful whenever you have heavy things like kettlebells above your head. Always make sure you are doing any exercise in good form. Any injuries that result from trying any of the workouts or exercises on this site/blog are your responsibility. Just remember, I am only sharing what I do.  I am not an expert in fitness.
Pleaser review our Terms and Conditions of Use and our included Privacy Policy
Be safe, enjoy life, and above all else, have fun! 
Pete Kemme
If you have questions about any part of my site or the ebooks, please feel free to contact me at
Note:  I do not check my email on a regular basis (remember life is about balance), so it may take a few days before I respond.  I hope you are enjoying the site. This has been a great journey for me and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned.
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