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Clubbell and Slosh Tube Courses

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Clubbell and Slosh Tube


30 seconds Stutter Steps

30 seconds Front Bridge

30 seconds Scissor Kicks

30 Push-ups


CIRCUIT #2:  Slosh Tube Course

hold Slosh Tube above your head – 1 minute

sprint 20 yards

5 Burpees

sprint back 20 yards to Slosh Tube

5 Slosh Tube Burpees

20 – each side – Lateral Bound over your Slosh Tube

5 Slosh Tube Get Up Sit Up



CIRCUIT #3:  Clubbell Course

Note: for sprints, you must carry your Clubbell so you have it the entire time

10 Clubbell 2 Handed Press

sprint 20 yards

10 Clubbell Barbarian Squats

sprint back

10 – each side – Clubbell Alternating Shield Casts

10 – each side – Clubbell Swipes

sprint 20 yards

10 – each side – Clubbell Mill

sprint back

5 – each side – Clubbell Torch Press


CIRCUIT #4:  Combo Course

Note:  Place Clubbell 20 yards apart from Slosh Tube and start at the Clubbell. Do all 4 rounds without stopping.

4 Clubbell Alternating Shield Casts

sprint to Slosh Tube

2 Slosh Tube Twirls (reverse direction after 1 twirl)




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