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fun with cones

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Clubbells, Medicine Balls, and cones (8 large, 10 small – or something else distinguishable)

Place all 18 cones in a circular pattern about 100 yards long. Alternate between the “large” cones and the “small” cones in a randomish pattern. Then place your Clubell at one of the cones. Do the same for a Medicine Ball. If you are doing this with others, place their Clubbells and Medicine Balls at different cones.
Run the 100 yards, stopping at each cone. If it is a “large cone” do the large cone exercise for that round. When you stop at a “small cone” do the small cone exercise for that round. When you reach a cone with your Clubbell, do not do the cone exercise, but do the Clubbell exercise instead. Same thing for the Medicine Ball.
large cone = 5 Burpees
small cone = 20 – each side – Slaloms
Clubbell = 10 – each side – Torch Press
Medicine Ball = 10 – each side – Sliders
large cone = 6 Goat Jumps
small cone = 12 Leg Raises
Clubbell = 12 – each side – Rear Lunge Pendulum
Medicine Ball = 20 – each side – V-Sit Twists
large cone = 5 Hindu Push-ups
small cone = 5 – each side – Side Bridge Knee Tuck
Clubbell = 10 – each side – Inside Pendulum
Medicine Ball = 10 Thrusters
large cone = 5 Donkey Kicks
small cone = 10 – each side – Crab Crunch
Clubbell = 10 – each side – Alternating Shield Cast
Medicine Ball = 20 Slams
large cone = 10 – each side – Lunge Walks
small cone = 10 Pike Push-ups
Clubbell = 10 – each side – Outside Pendulum
Medicine Ball = 20 Slams
Sprint the entire 100 yards loop, touching all 8 “large cones” and doing 1 Sprawl at each “small cone.”
If you have partners, you can do V-Sits until the other person completes the loop and then switch.

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