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a fun workout with numbers game

Did you just finish up a 12 week Functional Fitness workout?  What? You don’t know which work out to do next and you aren’t up for starting another one of the free 12 week programs at Kemme Fitness.


Well, here is a great little trick for some fun.  Grab some die and roll them. Whatever the number rolled will dictate the workout for the day.  If it is a seven, then click on the Lucky Seven workout. Enjoy!

2 Person At The Track #2
2 Person At The Track #4
2 Person At The Track #5
4 wheel drive – bodyweight
4 wheel drive – Kettlebell
High five
Six pack
Lucky seven
Crazy 8
9 lives
Family Power of 10
Power Of Ten
Power of Ten #2
Power of Ten – At home with a  physioball
Twelve rounds of Christmas
Yes, I realize I haven’t created a workout for the number 11 yet.  Roll again!


  Shane wrote @

How about a “Spinal Tap – These go to 11” workout?

  Kemme Fitness wrote @

Ok, I had to search and then watch the video clip. Love it

  ridin wrote @

What about sets of 11 Man-makers? You even get to a perfect eleven shape in the middle!

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