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NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Physioball, Dumbbell or Kettlebell
1 minute each exercise
Physioball Balance
Front Bridge
Physioball Bridge
10 – each side – Plank 1 Arm Touch
10 – each side – Crab Crunches
10 – each side – Brazilian Crunch
10 – each side – 1 Arm 1 Leg Swing
Repeat Circuit #1
CIRCUIT #3 (Kettlebell or Dumbbell)
5 – each side – Kettlebell 1 Arm 1 Leg Curl
10 Sit-up Stand-up Tuck Jumps
5 – each side – Kettlebell Bottom Up Press
10 Hindu Push-ups
5 – each side – Kettlebell 1 Arm 1 Leg Romanian Deadlift
10 – each side – 1 Leg Push-ups
Repeat Circuit #1
5 Sprawls
10 steps of Alligator Walk
50 Scissor Kicks
X3 (or more)


  LJB wrote @

you know we did this one y’day at noon. surprisingly difficult to do. i did modify front bridge slightly to a downward dog pose for a minute. a little less strain on the shoulders, but still a great stabilizing pose w/ the added benefit of stretching.

  Kemme Fitness wrote @

you know the saying….”it looked a lot easier on paper!” ha ha

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