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What to do when you can’t do a Push-up

Do you hate Push-ups? Are they something you haven’t done since gym class in high school a long, long, long……long, long time ago? Are you a woman who believes Push-ups are a man’s exercise?

Whatever the reason you avoid Push-ups, it is time for you to throw away the excuses. I have 2 different ways to slowly advance yourself so you can reap the benefits of the Push-up. I wrote “the” Push-up, but you might notice on our Exercise page we have over two dozen variations of the Push-up. Some are harder, more advanced versions, while others may not be harder, but instead utilize different muscle combinations. This post <click here> goes into the reasons behind the many, many Push-ups here at Kemme Fitness in more detail.


This method, the Knee Push-up, is commonly known as “Girl Push-ups.” Essentially all you are doing is changing the contact point from your feet to your knees so you have less weight to push-up off the ground.
Pros: This version can be done anywhere and most people can start here.
Cons: Not everybody can do these Knee Push-ups, which causes frustration. Also you lose out on the toe-to-head positioning, which is considered the proper alignment. Another con is your knees will be in the way for many of the versions of Push-ups such as Spiderman Push-ups. Finally, this version has a negative connotation, especially for men.
Good push up
This method, the Inclined Push-up, is my preferred method of introducing Push-ups to people who aren’t able to complete what you would call a “regular” Push-up. In the image above, the woman is using a step, but if needed you can begin by doing it against a wall in an almost-vertical position.
Pros:  Anybody who is even remotely able to exercise can begin with Incline Push-ups by starting at the standing position near a wall. This method allows for proper alignment from your toes to your head, which is ideal for strengthening your core.
Cons: The only real con is that you have to find a wall or a table, or some object to allow you to be inclined.
Now you have 2 methods to begin your journey in perfecting a Push-up. No more excuses! A world of crazy exercises such as Superman and Spinning Push-ups awaits

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