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Introducing a local website featuring Kemme Fitness


Can’t get enough Kemme Fitness? That was meant to be funny. Are you from the Allendale, Michigan area?

Whatever your answer is, I want to introduce you to Hello Allendale. Hello Allendale is an awesome website/blog designed, created, and produced by my good buddy Carlos Esquivel. The website opened this week and will soon be THE go-to resource for folks near the West Michigan community. There is information on shopping, local menus, and even a Mom’s Life page. Not to mention, I have been posting on the Kemme Fitness page with additional posts you won’t see here on Kemme Fitness.


If you look over to the right of your screen and scroll down, there is a new link called “more Kemme Fitness posts.” This will take you to Even if you aren’t from West Michigan, there may be some nice posts to peak your interest and you will be showing support for an innovative idea. Some of you may know what it is like to take risks and try fire up your entrepreneur drive. Let’s show some support.



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