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Props to practice

A guest workout by Seth Crooks

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Heavy Bar, Macebell, Clubbell, Medicine Ball

10 laps around house (about 50 yards)
50 Push-ups
2 minute Gut Buster (V Sit)
15 Stutter Steps then Sprawl (repeat this for a total of 10 reps)
Heavy Bar Carry 100 Yards
Medicine Ball Overhead Throws 100 Yards
50 Push-ups
10 – each side – Macebell Levered Press
10 – each side – Macebell Shoveling
10 Macebell Spear Thrusts
10 Heavy Bar Deadlifts
20 Mountain Climbers
10 – each side – Clubbell Torch Presses
5 laps around the house with Medicine Ball

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