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Bootcamp #2

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: 1 medicine ball

30 seconds Medicine Ball Pass (in a circle)
30 seconds Medicine Ball V-sit Pass
30 seconds of each of the following exercises. Run around the house or for 50 yards after each exercise
Air Squats
Front Plank
Split Squat Jumps
Side Plank (left side)
Stutter Steps
Side Plank (right side)
Lateral Bound
Rules: Take turns throwing Medicine Ball as far as you can. For each grouping, perform the listed animal walk from your starting point to where the Medicine Ball stopped. Then perform the exercise indicated once there. Throw the Medicine Ball (same type of throw) back towards the starting point and perform the same animal walk to where the ball stopped. If the Medicine Ball stopped prior to the starting point (not as far as 1st throw) then you have to repeat the listed exercise. If the Medicine Ball stopped farther than the starting point (better 2nd throw) then you do not have to do the listed exercise. Rest in between the 5 groupings
#1 Bear Walk (animal walk)/ 10 Push-ups (exercise)
#2 Crab Sidle/30 Leg Raises
#3 Panther Walk/10 Burpees
#4 Tarantula Walk/50 Slaloms
#5 Sabertooth Walk/50 Scissor Kicks

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