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New exercises coming soon to Kemme Fitness

I have a list. Oh yes, I have a list alright. So far I have a list of over two dozen new exercises I can’t wait to add to our little Functional Fitness program.
Some are bodyweight – yes we have some new animal walks coming!  We’re bringing back the Gorilla Walk and are adding a Snake Slither…muyyyhaaahaaaaahaaa <evil laugh>
Some exercises will be using a Physioball, some a Macebell, some  a Heavy Bar, some  a Pull-up bar, some Parallettes, some…you get the point. Oh how does a Climber’s Pull sound?  Not sure?  What is it?  You’ll find out…oh yes…you’ll find out <insert evil laugh again>
There is a simple answer: it is too cold to film them.  I want to film these exercises outside, mostly because I feel it goes with the theme here at Kemme Fitness. Also because I don’t have a good enough indoor setting with appropriate lighting and background. I love outdoor exercise videos and so I can’t wait. March is the last nasty month in Michigan. We can still have snow in April, but for the most part I should be able to get outside near the end of this month and get some video footage shot.  I hate Michigan at times!
Then, hopefully it won’t take me too long to put the videos together. Life is about balance and springtime with family sports can fill in the time quickly, so I’m not going to stress about it. However, once I get the videos up and on the website, we can start doing new workouts with them. Also, if you like any of the new exercises, you can always substitute them into your favorite workouts wherever you see fit.
So, if the thought of knowing the difference between a Panther Walk and a Stalking Panther Walk turns you on, then just wait!


  Lawrence wrote @

Too cold – whatever Pete!!! It was 63 degrees & sunny today. I think Pete’s fibbin’ – there’s no new material. But, since I know Pete fairly well, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. As President Regan used to say, “trust, but verify:”

You’re on the clock bud – weather forcast for this week looks pretty warm.


  Kemme Fitness wrote @

Oh I need my grass to be a little greener so the colors in the video are more vibrant. How’s that?!

  Lawrence wrote @

Snake slither in green grass sounds like lots of grass stains to me.

I guess you get a pass for today, since we’ve traded winter/spring for monsoon season.

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