Kemme Fitness

Complete Resources for a Functional Fitness Lifestyle

Clubbell 600 workout

A Functional Fitness workout with a clubbell

50 Clubbell Alternating Shield Cast
50 Pike Push-ups
50 Clubbell Barbarian Squat
50 Lunge Walk
40 Clubbell Alternating Shield Cast
40 Pike Push-ups
40 Clubbell Barbarian Squat
40 Lunge Walk
30 Clubbell Alternating Shield Cast
30 Pike Push-ups
30 Clubbell Barbarian Squat
30 Lunge Walk
20 Clubbell Alternating Shield Cast
20 Pike Push-ups
20 Clubbell Barbarian Squat
20 Lunge Walk
10 Clubbell Alternating Shield Cast
10 Pike Push-ups
10 Clubbell Barbarian Squat
10 Lunge Walk

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