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Power of 20 for At-Home

A Functional Fitness workout for you home

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Kettlebell &  Macebell or Clubbell

4 Inchworms
20 seconds Crab Walk
10 – each side – Side Lunges
Do 20 Kettlebell Swings and 20 Macebell Shoveling (10 each side) after each of the following exercises. You can substitute in 20 Clubbell Barbarian Presses if you do not have a Kettlebell or Macebell. (Or add the 20 Clubbell Presses for a total of 3 exercises to do after each of the following).
50 Air Squats
10 Tuck Burpees
20 Superman Push-ups
30 – each side – Slalom
20 Sprawls
20 – each side- Side Bridge & Knee Tuck
15 Muslim Prays
50 Leg Raises
30 – each side – Ice Skaters
20 Frog Jumps

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