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The at-home 400 workout

Functional Fitness workout for the home
Pull-up Bar
25 Hindu Push-ups
50 Air Squats
25 Elbow Crunches (touch elbows to opposite knee each sit up)
25 Ankle Jumps
25 Split Squat Jumps
25 Hindu Push-ups
10 Chin-ups
5 Pull-ups
25 Elbow Crunches
10 Chin-ups
5 Pull-ups
25 Squat Jumps
25 Close Grip Push-ups
25 Ankle Jumps
5  Muslim Prays
25 SplitSquat Jumps
25 Quad Squats
25 Mountain Climbers
10 Hindu Push-ups
5 Chin-ups
Bonus 100
50 Side Step Push-ups
50 Burpees


  Shane wrote @

Gave this workout a whirl tonight, and the results were good. 21:08 to complete, 248 cal, 17% from fat. HR 134avg/160max.

Just from looking at the exercise list I thought I would rock it out pretty easy, but I found that I burned out pretty quick on the quads and the arms and shoulders. There are a lot of squats/squat jumps and push-up variations here. Good times!

I was too crushed to do the bonus 100.

I finished up with a 1.5 mi run on the treadmill and some stretching to round out my target of one hour of exercise.

  Kemme Fitness wrote @

Nice adjustment.

I do hope the workouts make the 30 minute mark just for heart benefits, but you would be past that if you factor in the run.

Bodyweight only workouts can be brutal to the shoulders and legs. We did the Beginner At Home yesterday (no equipment) and my shoulders were quite fatigued.

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