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1 Arm Day with a Clubbell

Functional Fitness
2 – each side – 1 Arm Push-ups (or 20 Spiderman Push-ups)
4 – each side – Clubbell Turkish Get-up
8 Clubbell Barbarian Press
5 – each side – Clubbell Swipe
5 – each side – Clubbell Side Semi
5 – each side – Clubbell Alternating Shield Cast
5 – each side – Clubbell Torch Press
2 Burpees
5 Donkey Kicks
10 Clubbell Two Handed Press
20 Air Squats
Repeat as often as you can

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  Seth wrote @

Great workout, but maybe short. I finished with one repeat of circuit 3 is in about 20 minutes. So the third circuit I did four times and then followed that with 100 push ups and a one minute v sit. The club bell stuff must work the core a lot because the v sit was really tough at the end.

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