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Exercise equipment checklist

If you have been spending time lately on Kemme Fitness, you are probably thinking that we are only about Homemade Macebells and Slosh Tubes. It’s not like that at all. We are just like little kids at Christmas with our new toys and we can’t help but be all like, “hey let’s do this with the Mini Slosh Tube,” and “Here is another workout for the Macebell,” and “My Macebell is built better than yours.”

For those that have been with us for a while, you know that we started out just working out mostly in a gym.  In fact, I still do the majority of my workouts here at work in our free gym, sharing with a group of a dozen folks or so.

At home, I try to get in one or two workouts with my good friend, Seth Crooks. I  have been focusing this year more on creating CHEAP homemade equipment and workouts to go with them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like working out in a gym. I just know that most people don’t have a free one like me (yes I know…I’m spoiled rotten).

Ok, so let’s get to our check list.  I wanted to write a quick post (well quick for me maybe) on what I consider important equipment, from nessecity down to wish list items.


Essentials:  These are in probably every gym – Barbells, Dumbbells, Pull-up bar.

Even Better:  Physioball, Medicine Ball(s), Cables

Wish List:  Heavy Rope, Kettlebells, Rings, Heavy Bag (like boxers have)


Essentials:  Medicine Ball, Physioball, Pull-up bar

Even Better:  Heavy Weight (ie sand bag), Some other types of weights such as Barbell or Dumbbells

Wish List:  Slosh Tube, Macebell, Mini Slosh Tube, Heavy Bar, Rings, Parallettes, Heavy Bag (like boxers have), large Tire, Heavy Rope


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