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My first true barefoot run

I finally did it.  My first true barefoot run.  I had read Jason Robillard’s book (both editions). I had barefoot walked for months. I had worked out barefoot for almost 6 months. I had been running in Aqua Socks (cheap $9.99 water shoes). But today, I did it.

It wasn’t planned.  I went down into the gym here at work during lunchtime and none of the crew was there, but Josh. And Josh was thinking of going for a run downtown. Not an Urban Run. We have been doing those all summer once a week or so. No, just a plain old fashioned run in downtown beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Perfect opportunity.

I walked out the front door here at work with my bare feet feeling the slight coolness of the pavement. And we were off. We went through the scenic downtown and then up to Leonard St NE. Finally we came back down south along the Grand River. It was beautiful.

And it felt great!!

Next move – barefoot Urban Run!


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