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A run with a Slosh Tube? Really?

So I was going to spend the afternoon in my brother-in-law’s pool. Well since it was a nice humid 96 degrees, a full out workout was not an option. Not to mention I didn’t have enough time. So my solution was to drive over (only down the block) with my Slosh Tube named Adam sticking out the back of my car.

While my family got settled in the pool, I quickly took off down the road.  Ok…by quickly, I mean slowly. I tried carrying Adam in front of me. That didn’t last long, as my biceps were burning. I did my usual “stop and perform some exercises such as Slosh Tube Presses, or Twists, etc,” so that gave me a break.

However, I basically resorted to loading the Slosh Tube on my back to slug along down the road. I did stop probably about 12 times during the run, er ah, jog to do exercises.  I especially like the Front and Back Paddling.

But by the time I made it back to my brother-in-law’s house, I fell into his pool. There was a brief moment where I was not sure I could resurface, but I obviously survived.

Side note:  It is hilarious to watch your teenage nephews (who think they are tough and all) try to hold a Slosh Tube!  Hey, us mid-30 year olds need our ego’s inflated every now and then 🙂


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