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At The Track #5

As before, this workout was designed for a  1/4 mile track with large bleachers that have four sets of stairs.  Jason Robillard and I would do this one together, so I have it designed as a two person workout.  With a touch of imagination, you can alter it for 1 or more folks. We brought a heavy medicine ball and a small barbell, but you can substitute. Check out the exercise page for ideas. You can do bodyweight, or scroll down and find some ideas under each equipment title, such as dumbbells or Physioballs.
Length of bleachers (1 person at each end of bleachers)
Side #1:  Push-ups until called by person at side #2
Side #2:  10 Clean & Press (barbell)
Sprint to switch sides 
1 lap
10 Snatches (barbell)
1 round of stairs (hit all 4 of them)
10 Medicine Ball Sit-up Stand-up Slams

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