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Ultimate Movements #2

10 – each side – Virtual Shoveling 100 lbs
6 Pull-ups
3 – each side – 1 Arm Barbell Press
3 Minute Clusters
30 Seconds rest between Clusters
10 – each side – Physioball 1 Arm Dumbbell Press (20 lbs)
10 – each side – Physioball Knee Tuck Rotation
10 – each side – Physioball Leg Rotation
10 – each side – Cossack Squats (30 lb dumbbells)
10 – each side- Side Lunge (30 lb dumbbells)
10 – each side – Lunge Twists (30 lb dumbbells)
30 seconds each exercise
10 – each side – Cable Chopping (80 lbs)
10 – each side – Cable Lifting (70 lbs)
10 – each side – Cable Twisting (80 lbs)
10 Box Jumps
10 – each side- Slalom
10 – Sprawls
X2 (total of 2 rounds)


  yooper wrote @

I just remembered one I haven’t done in a while. Maybe we work it in sometime this week….handstand pushups?

  kemmefitness wrote @

Handstand Push-ups are a tough one for many. In order to work up to it, I started by putting my feet up against a wall and doing 1 that way. Usually I do 3 of them for a warm-up prior to my workouts (still with the feet up against the wall), unless I am using my warm up time to “Grease the Groove” for something else such as when I took several months preparing for a Muscle Up by doing Strict Pull-ups and Dips for my warm up.

So here you go. Do 3 Handstand Push-ups before doing the above workout. I know, I’m not very nice! 🙂

Pete Kemme

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