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At Home – Heavy Weight

NEEDED:  Any heavy weight.  My favorite would be a heavy sand bag or any uneven/weight shifting item (maybe a bag of salt). If you don’t have that, try stuffing a duffle bag full of heavy junk from around your house.
10 Dead Lifts with heavy weight
25 Push-ups
5 Presses with heavy weight
10 Thrusters with heavy weight
10 Core Burpees
10 Hang High Pulls with heavy weight
10 Spiderman Push-ups
10 Lunge Twists with heavy weight
10 Burpees
10 Squats with heavy weight
10 Uneven Push-ups
If you have not put in 30-40 minutes by the end of Circuit #2, then grab your heavy bag and run with it for a while. If it is bad weather outside, use your treadmill or simply run up and down your stairs. Enjoy!

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  At Home – Heavy Weight #2 « Kemme Fitness wrote @

[…] Posted: February 27, 2011 by kemmefitness in Workouts 0 I took the beginner version At Home – Heavy Weight and added some extra for this intense 2nd version. For the “heavy bag” I used a […]

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