Kemme Fitness

Complete Resources for a Functional Fitness Lifestyle

Partner #1

10 Push Press 45 lb Barbell (yell switch when done)           
Person #2
air squats (until switch)
Person #1 & Person #2 together
10 Plyo Push-ups
Person #1
10 push jerks 45 lb Barbell  (yell switch when done)     
Person #2
Split Squat Jumps (until switch) 
Person #1                                             
10 Snatches 45 lb Barbell  (yell switch when done)  
Person #2
Scissor Kicks (until switch)
Person #1
5 – each side –  1 Arm Barbell Press (yell switch when done)
Person #2
L hold while waiting (until switch)
30 seconds together
Leg Raises
Side Bend on machine (1 side at a time)
Medicine ball  throws outside 
Medicine ball Pass & Sprawls
This website is for recreational use only. Kemme Fitness is merely the title of the blog run by Pete Kemme. Pete Kemme is not a licensed physical therapist or physician and has no certifications related to fitness. See either a physician or physical therapist prior to doing any exercise. None of the material on this blog is a recommendation. Pete Kemme is simply sharing what he does and has learned about fitness. If you perform any of the exercises listed on this blog, you are doing so at your own risk.


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