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Over the Hill

I was inspired by Core#13 the other day and created Over the Hill. A small group tested it with me today.

Basically you have to be crazy to do the whole thing. I did it in 47 minutes and spent the next 5 minutes curled up in a ball. A couple guys in the group were smart and halved everything, so it went from 1 rep to 20 reps instead of 2 reps to 40 reps. They finished in about 40 minutes and felt it was a good workout that way.

So I guess it depends on if you are mildly mentally unstable or just plain loony as to how many reps you want to do.

2 – each side – One Arm Push-up
4 – each side – Kettlebell Turkish Get up
6 Dips (deep dips on dip machine)
8 Frog Jumps
10 Pull-ups
12 Hang Power Cleans  95 lb barbell
14 Kettlebell 1 Arm Suspended Press (alternate sides)
16 Thruster  95 lb barbell
18 Floor Wipers 40 lb dumbbells
20 Cable Punches 70 lbs (10 each side)
22 Plyometric Push-ups
24 Sumo High Pull 95 lb barbell
26 Close Grip Push-ups
28 Kettlebell Swings
30 Uneven Push-up
32 Kettlebell Squat
34 Split Squat Jumps
36 Push-ups
38 Box Jumps
40 Air Squats
Repeat in reverse order (yes start with 40 more Air Squats)
This website is for recreational use only. Kemme Fitness is merely the title of the blog run by Pete Kemme. Pete Kemme is not a licensed physical therapist or physician and has no certifications related to fitness. See either a physician or physical therapist prior to doing any exercise. None of the material on this blog is a recommendation. Pete Kemme is simply sharing what he does and has learned about fitness. If you perform any of the exercises listed on this blog, you are doing so at your own risk.


  Lawrence wrote @

I saw Marc Miller after the workout & Pete … I gotta say he said you looked like death warmed over when you finally got back to your desk.

Great workout. I really enojyed it. I’m bummed I was time limited though… 😦

[…] have many variations on this “list” format. For example, the Over the Hill workout has you increase repetitions as you move along exercises down the list, but then you have […]

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